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Ignite the Spirit

Easing the hardship of Chicago firefighter families

September is First Responder Appreciation Month, and since first responders are an important part of Chive Charities’ mission, we’re gearing up to celebrate the everyday heroes our country couldn’t live without.

Here’s Angie, Chive Charities Program Director, at the fundraising event before the invitational with Phil Cline of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, and Pat Maloney with the Chicago Fire Department, representing Ignite the Spirit. The Price-is-Right-sized checks they’re holding from Chive Charities will help Chicago-area police officers, firefighters, and their families get through the toughest times in their lives, but they’re just a fraction of the impact these nonprofits have in the community.

Ignite the Spirit is a nonprofit supporting the Chicago-area firefighter community, providing financial assistance to fallen or injured firefighters and their families. They also have a really cool toy drive that brings absolute joy to kids sick in the hospital during Christmas. They really do take care of their own – there are tried and true firefighters at the helm of Ignite the Spirit.

Chive Charities is honored to grant $10,000 to Ignite the Spirit to help firefighter families in their time of need.

Ignite the Spirit's Updates

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