About Chive Charities

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Why is Chive Charities Different?

Chive Charities is changing the Charitable-giving paradigm. Rather than using the cause to raise awareness for the grantee, we help the grantee raise awareness for the cause.

Chive Charities updates you on all the causes you have helped so you see where your charitable dollars are going. Sign up here to receive our monthly newsletter with story updates.

How do our stories and campaigns work?

Each month we select a few causes in need of public awareness and financial help. Based on the grantee’s specific needs, we determine a grant amount from the Chive Fund that covers some essential items not currently met. Since our main goal is to increase social awareness for orphaned causes, we create a story for each grantee and share it with the vast Chive Nation through theCHIVE.com and chivecharities.org websites.

On occasion, some of the causes’ financial needs are far beyond what a Chive Fund grant can accommodate. For these ‘headlining campaigns’, we do support the cause with a Chive Fund grant. In addition, we share a link to the causes’ GoFundMe page and allow Chive Nation to demonstrate again why they are “easily the most generous community on the web today.”

Who do we help?

Chive Charities is dedicated to championing the underdogs. Among the causes we focus on are: individuals with rare medical conditions, veterans and first responders in need of quality of life enhancements due to service-related injuries, underfunded special needs education initiatives, and organizations that provide emergency assistance / disaster relief. Currently, we can only help causes in the United States.

How do we choose our grantees?

Each month, grantees are chosen from submitted applications based on lack of public awareness for the cause and financial need. In addition, factors such as rarity of the medical condition, completeness of information provided, grant amount/ items requested, potential social impact, and other factors are considered.

About the Chive Fund

Chive Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which inspires theCHIVE’s online community to champion orphaned causes in need of public awareness and financial assistance.

The Chive Fund exists to support orphaned causes and build support that allows Chive Charities to operate. The Chive Fund is supported by one-time donations as well as monthly contributions from charitable Chivers. If you would like to contribute, select from one of our four available plans listed below. While giving is its own reward, we’d like to further thank you with some amazing member benefits. Your support is changing lives.

theCHIVE community has become famous as “easily the most generous community on the web today.” Our flash charity campaigns have garnered national recognition time and time again. Whether it’s purchasing a safe room for a little girl with SMS or helping a soldier who lost all his limbs serving in Afghanistan build his dream log cabin, the Chivers have always stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park.

Support the Chive Fund

Support the Chive Fund with a monthly membership by selecting one of the membership options below. By becoming a Charity Chiver at one of our 4 levels you are helping champion the underdogs.



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