Alexa’s new therapy paying off big time!

December 27, 2016

Alexa’s mom had some great news to share about the progress Alexa has made recently.

“Alexa has started a physical and occupational therapy with a program that focuses on neurologically impaired patients. She has made absolutely INCREDIBLE strides with them. Having the chair Chive Charities gave her a good foundation with head control. She went from being able to hold her head up for a few seconds to being able to hold her head steady for nearly a minute or more (depending on the incentive, haha!!)”

However, Alexa still struggles with complications from her disorder each day.  She has been experiencing seizures that have become more severe and will oftentimes result with her inability to breathe temporarily.  Alexa’s mom, Ashleigh, told us “because of her low muscle tone, she’s prone to pneumonia.  So, when she gets a little cold, we work tirelessly to keep all the junk thin and easier for her to cough up.  There are so many things that we as “normal” people don’t even think about and therefore take for granted.  And yet, even when she’s sick she’s smiley and looking for trouble.”  

Alexa, it is that contagious smile of yours, along with your amazing joy for life that truly helps make this world 10% happier!