Alexa’s health has been steadily improving

February 2, 2016

“It’s been quite awhile since I’ve sent any updates about Alexa. Her health has been incredible! She has only been hospitalized once for pneumonia (and she was only in for about 30 hours). Thanks to the awesome chair you all provided, her lungs have been great! I can’t remember if I had had Hudson or not when all of her equipment was ordered. He is now over a year old and doing great! And big sister, Hailey is making some serious strides in school. She continues to amaze us with her ability to interact with Alexa in her chair and always seems to get a huge belly laugh out of her! Just wanted to touch base and say thanks a million!!!!”

Alexa was hospitalized earlier this year after she suffered a bout of pneumonia, but luckily she was out in under 2 days! The chair purchased for her by the generous donors of Chive Charities has been great for her development! "Her lungs have been so much better," mom Ashleigh tells us.

Alexa continues to be a great sister to her siblings, Hudson and Haily, and she makes us smile every day. "Just wanted to touch base and say thanks a million!" 

KCCO, Alexa!