The Seedling Foundation

Seedling continues their amazing mentoring work in the Austin school district

January 19, 2016

AISD, the Austin School District, continues to be improved immensely by the work of the Seedling Foundation. Seedling staff maintains that the key to making a difference with these vulnerable children of incarcerated parents is “long-term consistency” and they have certainly stood behind that philosophy. Some of the Seedling mentors have been with their children for almost a decade, following them from school to school. Studies support that the longer the match, the greater the likelihood that these students will graduate from high school.

A recent independent evaluation of the Seedling Program showed that 74% of mentors return to continue their mentoring relationship. This retention rate far exceeds the national average for most Mentoring Programs across the nation. Last year, with the help of the $25,000 grant from Chive Charities, Seedling helped over 600 families. They were able to match over 188 new students with their mentors, who will likely be with them until their graduation day. 

"But our work is not done," says Jennifer Oseng, Director of Development for Seedling. "We have almost 100 additional children waiting to be matched with a Seedling mentor."