The Greatest Generations Foundation

TGGF traveled to Vietnam

April 25, 2016

This April, The Greatest Generations Foundation traveled to Vietman with Vietnam vets for their educational initiative, War Without Heroes.

Over the next 10 years, the foundation will sponsor 1,000 combat veterans to Vietnam under this educational initiative. It's aim is to raise awareness to the selfless courage of all Vietnam War vets, so future generations will never forget their sacrifices or those who were left behind.


Words can't describe our first day here in Vietnam. I'll try to place this experience into perspective for you all and help you understand the purpose and mission of the Greatest Generations Foundation new initiative "The War Without Heroes" to serve our Vietnam veterans.

I asked returning American Hero Mr. Steve Hopper, Combat Veteran of Charlie Company, Third Platoon, Ninth Infantry Division to put this first day into perspective in his own words:

"Timothy, God has been good to me as he stood by me 49 years ago and I feel him with me on this program. I am excited and scared at the same or maybe "insane" time. I now have a front row seat to an opportunity to confront the past, say many prayers and reflect on and remember all those fellow brothers we lost during the offensive in 67 and 68.

As we visit the sacred ground of actual battlefields, I thought I would find it hard to heal these deep wounds I have been carrying on my shoulders for five decades. I know I will never have this opportunity again and I pray to make the most if it to honor my brothers that made the ultimate sacrifice. I owe it to my brothers who were the absolute best to serve beside 49 short years ago. And, they are still the absolute best today."
~ Steven Hopper, Vietnam Veteran

To learn more about the War Without Heroes educational initiative, contact TGGF here.