Special Kids Care

SKC is RAK’d a computer

October 13, 2016

Chive Nation came to Special Kids Care’s aid in helping them build a much-needed accessible playground to the tune of $135,000. There was one other need that needed to be addressed…

Remember the old computer at the Special Kids Care in Tulsa?

… the one gathering dust?

Special Kids Care received a very special package from an anonymous Chiver! Miss Jo, the Fairy Godmother, explained:

"Yesterday the office computer finally gave up. I have been seraching Walmart etc for a refurbished tower when UPS delivered a package to us. There is no return address. Inside was the most beautifal all-in-one computer I have ever seen. Especially here. We have no idea where it came from."

And tha'ts not it. Miss Jo continued:

"I just spent the afternoon with an OK Chivette, Rebekah Smith, who is an artist.  Rebekah called me and said, hesitantly, "I don't have money to give but I am an artist and would like to do some murals for you."  We have been wishing for an artist!  We have.  She also wants to help us with the sensory room!!!"

....And the Chivers strike again, like knights in shining armor.