Ryan B.

Ryan Takes Charge of Life!

June 10, 2020

“The last year has been pretty incredible.”

We got an update from Ryan and got to hear all the wonderful things he has been able to do since he recovered last year.

“I have been playing golf painfree. That isn’t something I even thought could be possible. I have been more active in my children’s lives and their activities. I have been getting things done around the house that I just couldn’t do for several years. I went to the Green Gala last year and just could not believe the welcome I received there. I hadn’t spent much time with the local Chive Chapter before the event, but I did see our Admins in Austin. The quality of people the Chive surrounds itself with is nearly unthinkable. I met the most giving human beings, EVER. I was there to show my gratitude for what you guys did for me, and I was treated like I was someone special. I will never forget that weekend.”

Isn’t it great to hear all the wonderful ways that a Chive Charities grant allows someone to take charge of life again? If you recall, when we published Ryan’s story last year, he was struggling to keep a job due to all the time he was taking off work for medical appointments. Well, a week after his stem cell therapy, he started a new job at Boeing and not only has he gotten an award for his work, he has also been promoted! The family was also able to go on hockey trips to Indiana and Wisconsin.

What an incredible update, isn’t it? That is a huge quality of life change and we are grateful to all you donors for making it possible!

Sadly, it is not all good news. Ryan had to start treatment a few weeks ago for a disc in his back that is pressing on a nerve and causing pain in my leg. They are going to do decompression therapy, PRP injections, physical therapy, and some trigger point injections. Ryan came at so strong before and we know he will come out strong again. Until then, keep him and his family in your thoughts so he can have a speedy recovery!