Rozlyn A.

Rozlyn’s house is lookin’ great!

April 21, 2020

Have you been worried about our recipients during these scary times? Well, we have been too, which is why we were thrilled to get an update from our girl Roz! Rozlyn's mom wrote to us to fill us in on how the family is holding up, and how the renovations to their home are going. 

" We are doing awesome. Not a lot has changed for us since we homeschool (about COVID). We just aren't able to go therapies are meet with our co-op friends or go to dance. But... Matt is still working fortunately.

We have a ton of masks since she wears them for the flu seasons. We even have ones with charcoal filters. So we have prepared for this in a sense. 

Our deck is done (just have to get the siding back on)!!! And now we are working on getting the kids rooms done and so they finally have their own rooms. Floors will be going in soon. We had some other issues with the house that to be addressed such as a new furnace and electrical issues due to a wind storm that had to be fixed. The electrical/windstorm caused a lot of things to get ruined. Such as our washer and dryer had to be replaced. But here some pictures of the deck and washer and dryer that funds have been used for so's a work in progress for us."

It's always a huge relief to hear from our recipients and see that things are going great! We can't wait to see their home once all these renos are finally done.