Rozlyn A.

Roz is Rolling Home in Style

October 11, 2019

You all remember Rozlyn, right? Her spectacular story set hearts ablaze, from your average Chiver to John Cena. We recently caught up with Rozlyn and her family to check in and see how everything is going, and, much to our please, things are going great! Rozlyn's health is stable and she's lookin' and feelin' good. Things are only getting better, as construction is almost complete on the wheelchair-accessible entrance and deck the family is adding to their home.

Our flash campaign made so many wonderful things possible for Roz, and one of the biggest changes is this one, allowing her to be able to easily navigate her home. The new deck will have a wheelchair-ready ramp for Roz to roll home on. The construction has been slow-going (isn't it always?) but the family is thrilled to see the progress on their deck. The roof is soon to come, which will finish up this massive home project that YOU donors made possible for this amazing girl! Roz and her family are so thankful to you all for making her life, at the very least, 10% happier.