Retrieving Freedom

Chiver’s Thriving in Training!

April 4, 2023

Last year, we had the privilege of working with Retrieving Freedom (RFI), an incredible service dog organization located in Iowa and Missouri. This sweet pup, lovingly named Chiver, is the culmination of that work. Since last year, Chiver has grown from a small puppy to a service dog in training, and RFI is optimistic for his success. 

RFI Program Coordinator, Ashlyn, wrote "Chiver recently transitioned from Stage I training to Stage II! Chiver is a big, sweet boy with a phenomenal love for his training. He is always happy to be with his handler and performing cues. Chiver completed Stage I with a fantastic understanding of his obedience skills. He picks up new skills so incredibly quickly that he was able to begin learning the foundations of many tasks prior to Stage II – such as settle, pivoting into positions, front and back foot targeting for brace, and chin targeting.Chiver entered into one of our Stage II Prison Programs at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility where he will work with an inmate to further advance his obedience skills and learn Service Dog tasks that may one day help a disabled Veteran or a child with autism. In the meantime, Chiver is additionally working through a little reactivity, primarily towards other dogs and particularly strange sights or people, but shows a nice ability to work through it. We are excited for his future!" 

We are excited too, Ashlyn!

We look forward to sharing Chiver's progress throughout the remainder of his training. Stay tuned for more updates soon!