Pearl G.

Lots of ups and downs for Pearl

July 9, 2017

Pearl told us she’s had some health struggles lately, but spending time with fellow Chive Charities recipient Colton has been a fun distraction.

She's been hospitalized several times this year for heart issues, one of which was so dire the crash team camped outside her room for hours at a time. Pearl had another hospital stay due to abnormal blood pressure. Thankfully, her meds are helping and she's pretty stable for now.

Unfortunately, her service dog Scarlett had some health issues, too, and they had been separated for a few months. It turns out, fellow Chive Charities recipient Colton lives halfway between Pearl and the facility Scarlett needed to get better, so Pearl stayed with the Darst family for a bit to be closer to her pup and spend some time with the amazing Colton. Scarlett's finally home again and Pearl says she forgot how much she depends on her canine bff. We're so glad they've been reunited! 

Another cool note: Chivers from ChiveOn Chicago and Wisconsin Chive are helping Pearl look for a place of her own, which she says is no easy task. We know how much she appreciates the help, and it makes us so happy to see Chivers making the world 10% happier!