Nicole S.

Nicole might soon be taking her first steps!

September 18, 2015

In July, Nicole had her soft palate and cleft repaired as well as her tonsils and adenoids removed.  She went through that like a trooper! Earlier this month, Nicole had her Achilles tendons repaired and her clubbed feet straightened. Doctors removed sections of tendons on her left foot, and for the next 6 weeks she is in a Spica cast.

As if this wasn't enough, late October she travels back to Sacramento (in her safe new van) to have her cast removed and special braces fitted to her feet. Once she does this, she has the OK from doctors for starting the process of learning how to stand and walk! Go Nicole!

She's in good spirits and was giving the nurses and doctors 'knuckle bumps' before being discharged. As her mom told us, "It's really happening for her!"

Soon, Nicole will be walking! We cannot wait to watch you take your first steps!