Michael S.

Michael’s living space completed!

August 1, 2016

After nearly 2 years of planning, building and construction delays, Michael's living space is now complete. “I'm excited about it being completed," says Michael. "I am planning to have everyone who helped make this miracle a reality over for a completion party! Thank you so much to everyone who is helping make this all come together! God bless you and thank you”

Special Thanks to everyone who helped make this dream a reality, including:

1. Bel-Air Construction (Completing this project at reduced labor rate)

2. Blue & Green Inc (Stephen Czar, Preparing initial drawings free of charge so the project could be approved by the board, as well as completing all following drawings at a reduced rate)

3. Danny Sosa (Lumber donation in lieu of his annual bonus)

4. Chive Nation (Gofundme Donations)

5. Chive on California (2 T-Shirt donations & Fundraising event @ Harrah's)