Melissa S.

Melissa had a housewarming party over the weekend!

September 23, 2015

Over the weekend, Melissa had friends and family to properly break in her beautiful new home with a housewarming party! Local Chivers from Maryland joined the throngs of people there to welcome her home, as well as celebrate her release from her long stay in the hospital! Melissa was all smiles as she was able to finally sit back and toast to her new life, and to Chive Nation who helped redeem her faith in humanity yet again.

Recently, Chivers went above and beyond for Melissa and raised enough money for her to not only replace her stolen laptop but also to help pay off some of her mounting medical bills.

In the hospital, the most distressing thing to Melissa wasn't her health - it was the feeling of isolation. But when we look at the pictures over the weekend, of her closest friends, family members, and her Chive Nation family who come through for her time and again in her time of need - it seems isolation won't be a feeling she gets much from now on.

Welcome home, Melissa.