Lane B.

Lane received his dream trackchair

August 18, 2022

Lane B. received his dream trackchair, decked out with everything he needs.

From the entire team at Chive Charities, we are rooting for you, Lane! Keep taking on all the obstacles in your way better than a professional bull rider. Now with your new chair, you are impossible to buck off.

A quote from Lane’s dad, Tim. “Well, the day has finally arrived…. Lane has received his track chair and we cannot begin to express how happy we are! We also can’t believe how quickly he has taken to using it in less than a few hours of having it! We cannot thank Chive Charities enough for helping us get this amazing chair. Lane now has his own off-road “legs” and can go anywhere and do anything. No more being held back by wheels that get stuck and have to stay on hard surfaces. Lane has already begun putting the chair through its paces and is already a pro at it! We cannot wait until wintertime when it finally cools down and we can use it even more!”

Thank you to our incredible community of donors for stepping in and helping Lane. Together, with your dollars, we were able to give Lane some independence as he keeps riding!

Lane B.'s Updates

Check back soon for more updates!