Kenze M.

Kenze is having fun & raising awareness!

January 14, 2019

Wow, what a year it has been for Kenze and Makki!

Kenze's story gained national attention after her flash campaign with Chive Charities! She was featured in People Magazine, and was the subject of an 11-minute video on People TV.  It was such a fun experience for her and raised a ton of awareness.

Kenze  traveled out of state to see a few specialists this past year. Her care team is getting more and more knowledgeable and helpful and she is having some good days along with some bad, but that is to be expected. On good days, she and Makki visit with friends or spend time out of the house training Makki. She made it to the Green Gala again this past year and had a ton of fun seeing everyone! Although her health is still up and down, she continues to raise awareness, help others, and is finishing up high school to graduate in May of 2019! She has been advised by her specialist to take a gap year to focus on her health, although she has already picked her major. When Kenze does go to college, and she plans to major in English Literature and hopes to oneday become a writer.