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DJ is finally finished with his 12 round cycle and months of radiation

May 21, 2015

DJ is finally finished with his 12 round cycle which lasted a year plus a couple of months for radiation in Houston. His last scan from May 4th showed great results for DJ and has given us reason to hope!!

Says his mom, "DJ has fought this tumor off 3 times now and continues to show such amazing strength and resiliency, which we can't thank God enough for giving him. He's such an inspiration to many especially myself.  During this journey we've been placed in a financial hole filled with medical bills that we're pretty sure we will be paying on for a long time to come. I mean we were still paying on the bills from his first battle with this monster and now we have this on top of it. Trust me, we'll take paying these bills for the rest of our life if that means we get to have our precious boy with us but it would be nice to get out of this hole if possible. If you want to assist DJ you can donate HERE.

Thank you Chive Nation and Chive Charities for all you guys do. We're definitely chivers for life!!"