Josh H.

Family Fish Fry to Remember

May 6, 2019

Josh recently underwent two rounds of chemo therapy to help rid his body of disease and is currently receiving dialysis threes days a week. You might remember from Josh’s Chive Charities story that his brother was initially identified as a match but after additional testing it was determined that a kidney transplant from his brother would not be successful due to incompatible antibodies. But just a few months ago while at a fish fry fundraising event, Josh was surprised to receive a FaceTime call from his cousin who recently got tested and learned that she was a match! Surrounded by his friends and family, Josh learned that he had a new opportunity for his long awaited Kidney Transplant. Josh will now return to UAB in Birmingham, Alabama in three months for a final evaluation before he is schedule for kidney transplant surgery. 

Josh shared this message with us, "I can't thank Chive Charities and TheChive enough for all of your support!! I have an amazing support system who remind me everyday that I will get through of this. God works in mysterious ways and he uses every person in some way or another. I just don't know what his plan is for me but I'm ready. He leads and I follow.” 

Chive Charities awarded Josh with a $5,000 grant for post-transplant lodging expenses that he has so patiently waited to use. Since Josh lives too far from the hospital to recover at home, so he’ll need to stay at a nearby hotel for three weeks of post-transplant care. This grant will help get Josh back to his happy place sooner, we’ll be with him every step of the way, so stay tuned for post-transplant updates and more on Josh’s recovery!