Jaiden G.

Jaiden could use our support

August 4, 2017

We received a heartfelt plea from Jaiden’s mom.

She let us know Jaiden's stiff skin has continued to spread and doctors think it is starting to enclose around his lungs. He had a feeding tube placed because he wasn't eating enough to survive, and suffice to say, this has been their toughest year yet. Natalie feels Jaiden's only hope now could be treatments only available in Europe. They're working on a plan now, but in the mean time, Jaiden's spirits are very low and he could use a little boost. We'd love to flood his mailbox with well-wishes and happy notes! If you have a moment and a spare stamp, you can send cards and letters to: 

Jaiden Gulliksen
15251 County Rd. 5S
Alamosa, CO 81101

Get well soon, Jaiden!