Columbia Fire Protection District

CFPD continues to teach classes on Auto Extrication

May 20, 2015

CFPD reached out to us with an inspiring story of paying-it-foward:

"So with the new jaws and the old we are able to continue teaching the Columbia College Fire Academy's Auto Extrication class. This class was the last skill that the class of 23 students had to take before graduating. The Chief of the academy called me the day before the class was supposed to start and said that he had cars lined up but everyone donating bailed out. I was able to contact Vics Towing of Sonora, Ca. And the owners said that they had already tucked some cars away for Columbia FPD to train on. And would be happy to pull them out of the yard and facilitate the trading with us. The next day we showed up and had 2 complete cars and a partially destroyed motorhome. While we were there training a man pulled up in his Pathfinder got out and handed me the keys. Told me he's donating because it could one day be his family stuck in the car then he left. Amazing."