Chris S.

Big smiles for Christopher

October 10, 2017

We first met Christopher in 2014, when he was in 8th grade and facing those rough middle and high school years.

Today, he's 17, a senior in high school, on track to graduate this June. WHAT???

Once reserved and lacking self-confidence, Christopher has continued to shine since his Chive Charities grant for dental bridges gave him back his smile. He's on the varsity cross country track team, a member of the Fitness Club, and involved in Campus Ministry, where he volunteers at a nursing home, soup kitchen, and helps the elderly rake leaves. He was inducted into the National Honor Society this year and no longer requires speech therapy. Yay! His mom says people can understand him a lot better thanks to his beautiful teeth! Christopher is applying to colleges and considering a major in Criminal Justice after graduation.

"We really appreciate all that Chive Charities has done for us and we can't thank you guys enough! It has changed Christopher's life!!!!"