Chris M.

Chris met his Match!

June 11, 2018

Everyone met Gibbs!

Chris shared with us that Alta his first service dog, struggled to form the necessary bond between service dog and owner so Alta was adopted by her forever family where she has been thriving. Chris again worked with Mountain High Services Dogs who found him the perfect match, Gibbs! Gibbs is a Labradoodle, and when the CEO of Mountain High Services Dogs went out to test the puppies, she saw Gibbs sitting there very calm while his brothers and sisters were going crazy and knew Gibbs was the dog for Chris! Then when she saw Gibbs had a white goatee on his otherwise black furred body (Chris has a goatee too), we really knew we found a match!

Gibbs is still a puppy and has a puppy attention span at times but is excelling in training. Chris shared that “We go everywhere together, Gibbs started coming to work with me as soon as I got him. Gibbs is 52 lbs now as of his last vet visit, so not sure how big he will get but Gibbs can get as big as he wants, he loves me and I love him.”

We are thrilled to hear about this perfect pair!