Caroline W.

Caroline gets an A+

July 24, 2017

In so many ways, Caroline is making amazing progress!

Caroline will turn seven in November is heading to first grade this fall. Kinder in general ed. went very well for her, and she made lots of friends! She has been working through Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy and it has made a huge impact on her communication, language, and mobility. At long last, she can communicate her needs, follow instructions, say lots of words – including her name – and she even yelled "momma" from her bed in the middle of the night a few months ago, bringing her mom to tears.

Physically, Caroline is making good progress. She's walking short distances independently and doesn't even use her walker when she's at home. She still rides in her Chive power chair to school and uses it for long distances since her stamina is still on the low side. At school, Caroline loves P.E., especially playing tag, and runs around with her walker shouting "tag" at all her friends. She will even tag people she passes by in the store. Being outside and swinging in her adaptive swing is still a fave, too. Although still using her g-tube for most of her nutrition, Caroline is showing great interest in food and has made excellent progress with her chewing and ability to coordinate the chewing/swallowing process. Pizza, spaghetti, and chocolate are her favorite! 

Because of all of Caroline's progress, the family was finally able to go to Enchanted Forest, a small theme park near their home. Caroline went independently through the crooked house, rode the froggy ride, went down all the slides, and even drove the bumper boats! All that without ever even coming close to a sensory melt down. Her mom shared she has always dreamed of taking the kids to Disney Land, but never thought it was possible because Caroline would just be too miserable. Now she thinks it's possible and Caroline would love it!

We're so happy for Caroline and know she'll keep on pushing through those barriers!