Caroline W.

Caroline enters kindergarten

September 6, 2016

On Thursday, September 8, Caroline officially became a kindergartner!

We are thrilled to report, that after some contentious battles with the school districts, Caroline will be attending her community school (for the first time) in the general education kindergarten classroom for no less than 80% of each school day. We are so thankful that Caroline's community school is accepting her with open arms and working hard to make this school year a success for her. Caroline had a blast at the school this week, taking pictures in the classroom photo booth and even kissing her teachers and not wanting to leave.

Caroline is transported to and from school in her awesome purple Chive power chair. In the classroom, she uses a walker and is now taking 3-4 steps independently!

Mother, Sarah wanted to thank the Chive Charities donors and the help they have provided. "Thank you, Chive, for being the catalyst behind all the wonderful and amazing things that have happened for Caroline and our family in the last two years. We are grateful every day for the support and encouragement of Chive Charities.” Before Chive," Sarah continued, "we were lost. We didn't know how to help our sweet girl through her sensory meltdowns. We often felt trapped in our home. Before Chive, I didn't realize what a strong advocate I could be for our daughter. We settled for what we were offered by the school districts and therapists because we didn't know better. Your gift gave me the courage and confidence to proceed forward, breaking down walls and barriers to Caroline's success and happiness."