Camp Casey

Camp Casey RAK’d a horsey house call

June 1, 2015

Molly sent us an update on a recent Horsey House Call:

“Typically, we go out on weekends but all weekends in June and July were booked solid when little Chad's family applied. His cancer is aggressive and sadly, he might not make it until August so we got our gear and made a special visit to him and his brothers and friends on Thursday afternoon. They had a BLAST and so did we! The entire neighborhood came out to check out the celebrities with a horse in his yard.

My favorite part of the day (besides the touching surprise, rides and crafting fun) was that his older brothers took the soda that was leftover (we bring pizza + pop for up to 30 people) and set up a stand to sell it to raise money for cancer research. Such entrepreneurs! We bought some smile Hope this email brings you joy knowing that it's because of you and your foundation's support that happiness can be shed to families going through rough times.Thank you for all you do for us and for so many deserving families!”