Brittany S.

Brittany officially hits the road!

August 18, 2016

After surviving a lifetime of adversity packed into a few years, Brittany’s journey towards independence received a boost when Chive Charities helped purchase her an adapted, hand-controlled car.

Her fight against Transverse Myelitis didn't stop her from accomplishing her long sought-after goal. "I had my second attempt at my behind-the-wheel test," Brittany told us. "I PASSED!!! I am now a fully licensed driver! I've gotten so many congrats from the Chive members that I've come to know and they've been amazing support. No one can completely comprehend what this whole new chapter of my life means. I've been working towards this goal for over 15 years. I cried at DMV when they handed me my temporary license because I couldn't believe I finally did it. Now, in the next couple months, I'll be trying to enjoy this new independence and then I plan to begin job hunting. Time to my life to be as normal as everyone else's and truly begin #Adulting."

Thank you again so much to The Chive - not just the charity, but the community as a whole. No words can even begin to explain how free and just... normal I feel because of the help and support I've gotten from The Chive.”