Brittany S.

Brittany is loving the independence of her own car

March 25, 2016

“Its been amazing having the car! It took a couple months there to get it all personalized to how I needed the controls and everything.

I've been driving around my area and my dad is driving with me to prepare for my DMV test. Unfortunately, on my birthday (January 27th), I went to the ER due to sepsis and other infections. I had to stay in the hospital for some time and just 3 weeks ago, I had to have open surgery to get some bladder stones taken out and since then I've been recovering and unable to drive. BUT, it will not be too much longer until I am good to drive again!

Despite just having surgery 10 days prior, I made it out to Chive on Bay Area's Chive at the Tank 2 in San Jose. It was my very first time ever seeing a hockey game, and it had been awhile since I last saw the COBA admins and the other Chivers I've come to know. I got some free swag and was amazed at how they opened their arms to accept me and were so happy to see me. It will forever be a memory to remember for life. Admins Charlie and Cyrus took some photos they could maybe give you if you wanted. I can't wait until I have my license and I can drive Dane (the name of my car, who everyone asks about lol) to a meetup so they can meet him finally.

Again, thanks for everything and getting me involved in The Chive, its made such a difference in my life. Tell John I loved his video showing the Chive Austin HQ. This simple idea he and his brother created has gone on to dramatically change lives, like mine in which I thought society is unaccepting of people in my situation.”