Brianna B.

Brianna is a true Ring 14 Warrior!

May 29, 2019

The winters are always tough for Brianna to get out and ride but she finds other places to enjoy her fabulous epitome bicycle! Recently, Brianna was able to enjoy a nice ride at Lowe’s; inside of the home improvement store Brianna can ride protected from the cold which helps to strengthen her muscles.

Brianna’s parents, JJ and Melissa told us: 

"We are so blessed to have this bike even more so than before. At the end of March we were much anticipating spring time weather so that we could get Brianna back on her trike but in early April Brianna had a massive seizure and aspirated stomach acid into her lungs. This episode placed her at the children's hospital in intensive care for almost a month.  She was on a ventilator for 21 of those days.  She has spent most of May so far regaining her strength. And now that Brianna has regained her strength to sit up and use her arms, she can now do strength training on her bike! She is not holding onto the handle bar like we would like for her to but we know she will get there with time and practice!!! She has overcome so very much and thanks to kind organizations and people such as yourselves, Brianna can rehabilitate on a daily basis out of the comfort of her own home surrounded by friends and family! 


KCCO Brianna - Our forever strong girl and Ring 14 Warrior!

Brianna B.'s Updates

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