Brian E.

Brian Takes a Hike With Oreo

September 12, 2022

Service dogs don’t always fit in one particular box. They don’t all provide the same level of care or aid. Can they save your life? Yes. In more ways than one.

Brian’s life changed for the better when he got his service dog, Oreo. When he’s sleeping and issues arise, Oreo wakes him and comforts him. When he needs to run errands or go to the store, he’s able to stay in public for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. When he’s driving in the car and his heart starts to race, he reaches over and pets Oreo, reminding himself that it was in the past and he’s in the present now.

Brian sent us an amazing update of him taking a beautiful, three-mile hike – something Brian would not be able to do without his service dog, Oreo. Thanks to our donors, Brian is able to have a better quality of life with Oreo by his side.

"Thank you to everyone at Chive Charities for helping me get my service dog. We just completed this three-mile hike to Hidden Lake overlook and I wouldn't have made it here without all your help. Thanks again." - Brian E.

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