Brandon H.

Brandons been busy training!

June 15, 2020

Brandon shared an update with us:

I have finished my training course and have started working with Valor. We should complete training by August! I will also be training another dog, Kiko. Both Valor and Kiko will be trained as my service dogs so I always have help if I need it. I will go down to certify with Kiko in a month and am hoping I will have Valor ready as well.

I’ve been slowly obtaining used furniture and other tools needed to train him but with the shut down and the county we were working with closed it’s been hard to get the furniture and adapt turning my basement and garage into training rooms. 

Sadly, my father in law declined in his health recently passed away. We are doing our best to heal & do what we can do keep moving forward, we have faith that it will get better and I am keeping focused on the future.  My current goal is to secure land for a future dog training program that will help other first responders and military members.