Audrina P.

Audrina moved into her new house!

June 7, 2017

From the first night in the new house, Audrina noticed an incredible boost in her independence.

Her mom shared that, at seven years old, Audrina had never been able to get out of bed or get to the bathroom on her own. Each morning she would call through her baby monitor for help. But after the first night in the new house, she was the first person awake in the morning,  and wheeling down the hall all by herself to tell her parents how much "she loved her new house." Now, she gets up on her own every day!

She has her own bathroom, her closet and dresser are at wheelchair-height, and she can get dressed on her own. Most people take these things for granted, but not Audrina. Every little step to independence is well appreciated. She told her parents, "I feel so much older in this house," and the first day she took a shower in her own shower, she said "Oh, Mommy. Did you ever just stay in the shower and let the water run on your back? It feels  soooooo gooooood!" It was her first real shower! Audrina has always loved swimming because she can float and move without pain or limitations. Naturally, she wants to be a mermaid, and chose a mermaid theme for her bathroom.

Audrina and her parents send their biggest thanks to Chive Charities for the help that led to these amazing moments. KCCO, Audrina!