Amanda B.

Amanda B. is living life to the fullest with her van!

August 11, 2020

As always, we have checked in with our recipient Amanda B. Here is what she has been up to since we first heard her story in August of 2019!

I remember the excitement, anticipation, and the feeling of not believing what was happening at about this time last year. There was nothing like it that we had felt before, such a magical feeling.

I am attaching some pictures. The one of the little doggy in the front passenger seat is Romeo, our newest addition that we were able to go pick up last October of 2019 way down in south Alabama from a Chihuahua rescue. Of course, it would have been impossible without our new set of wheels we had just gotten delivered in August!!

The beach pictures are from December of 2019, close to my birthday. We were able to go on our first trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. What a dream come true ! A friend of ours has a time share there and she blessed us by helping us to be able to go. My brother went with us and he paid for half of what expenses we had. We had a wonderful time!

Other than that, we have just enjoyed using our van to go to church, and to town, and places we need to go in living our life. The old saying is really true: "it's the little things that mean so much", but they are not really little. It's important that we have the ability to do what we need to do and want to do when we can, in regards to transportation without stress and worry.

There are no words to adequately express our thankfulness and much appreciation at being selected by Chive Charities board to bless us with this van. We will never forget such a deed that has changed our lives forever.