Alex R.

Alex is getting stronger and smarter every day!

May 6, 2020

Alex is putting all her grant items to use!

Like most other student's, Alex is finishing her school semester at home this year and her computer has come in handy now more then ever! She is using it for school on a daily basis and is so thankful she has it. Her playset as become her little getaway from her brothers and she has learned to climb the rock wall by herself to get to the top. Climbing this wall was such a challenge initially, so she has clearly gained some strength in her muscles, which is amazing! Her bed continues to be a god send EVERY night since she got diagnosed with chronic obstructive sleep apnea and can not sleep flat anymore. The adjustable bed makes it so she can actually sleep, which everyone is so grateful for. 

Otherwise, Alex continues to be a bright light in her family and is all smiles as she sends love to her Chive family!