Shelby B.

A Holiday update from Shelby!

December 19, 2019

Shelby's family wrote in to let us know how they've been doing:

"Happy Holidays! We are coming to the end of Shelby's grant period (so sad). I wanted to reach out and tell you how much we truly appreciated your help this last year. With Shelby's staggering medical bills we would not have made ends meet without this grant opportunity. Her hospital visit in May alone was in the tens of thousands of dollars. We don't look forward to footing the majority of bills on our own but take comfort in the fact that the extra support helped us pay off some of the bills. 

Shelby has learned so much this year at her school. They have worked closely with her therapists to provide her every opportunity to catch up with her peers. They treat her like their own child. They celebrate the victories and help us through the hurdles. 

I wish there were more organizations like yours to help educate people on rare diseases. I sometimes find myself explaining Shelby's disease to the doctors!!! That can be so strange. 

Thank you to everyone that helps Chive Charities support families!

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