Shelby B.

Shelby’s daycare success!

February 12, 2019

Shelby’s parents, Amber and Barrett shared this update with us:

Shelby has been interacting with other children and trying to say new words. Her developmental therapist sees her at daycare and said that she is so happy and trying things she's never seen her try before. Her teachers are working on her developmental goals with her daily. They are also making sure Shelby gets the best diaper care and diet that's right for her. The most important thing is that they genuinely care about Shelby. If she's having a tough day they hold her and love on her like I would. That makes my mama heart so happy!

Shelby is having a very difficult time passing her stool since the beginning of December. She went from being comfortable but having a tough day every now and then to being in pain all day, every day. Sometimes to the point of passing out. We travelled back to her doctor in Ohio the first week of January and she had a Botox procedure to hopefully relieve some of her strain. The Botox hasn't helped at all. We are currently trying to change up her medication regimen to help her stool easier. She's screaming for 30+ minutes when she goes. She tries so hard it makes her break a sweat. It's so difficult to watch her go through it. Hopefully, our next update will include a successful regimen!