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If you're looking to make the world a better place, you've come to the right page. Consider creating
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Member Benefits

Giving is a reward unto itself - but it doesn't hurt to get awesome stuff as well.

The Chive Charities Newsletter Will keep you informed on all of Chive Charities’ causes and the people your donations are helping.

The Coveted green ribbon Silver, Gold and Green members receive the much-desired Green Ribbon T-Shirt. Give proudly. Wear proudly.

Be the first to own the newest and hottest Chive shirts You will earn the right to purchase new Chive shirts* and other merchandise before it goes live to the public. No more stressing on t-shirt launch day!

Enjoy an exclusive night of festivities Our prestigious Green members will be invited to our yearly Chive Charities banquet where they can meet the campaign grantees they helped as well as theCHIVE staff!

Benefits Disclaimers: Membership benefits are earned after 3 months of billing. Benefits will stay active as long as monthly membership is active. Quantity limits on merchandise may apply.

CC Shirt

The Coveted Green
Ribbon T-Shirt

Available with Silver or
Gold Membership