Taytem W.

Taytem turned 5!

November 27, 2018

Taytem is doing wonderful! She is now 5 years old and attending Kindergarten Prep this year and is excited for next school year when she will be enrolled in “big girl school”! Taytem is making huge strides in school and learning lots!

Taytem will head to Minnesota this summer for hip surgery on both of her hips, she suffers from sever hip dysplasia although you wouldn't know it. Taytem’s Mom Chamonix shared with us that “she just keeps going and never stops! She is one tough cookie! We will be gone for at least 6 weeks for her surgery, possibly more depending on her recovery and how well she bounces back but knowing her she will bounce back pretty fast! Oh and by the way Tay still LOVES her bed and refuses to sleep any where else!! Not even with Mom in her bed!!”