Shelby H.

Shelby has a lot to celebrate!

February 28, 2018

Shelby has had a lot to celebrate lately. Her Mom & Dad got married and her family has since moved into a home that has more space for her medical equipment and their growing family. Shelby’s parents also welcomed baby sister Nevaeh to the family!

Shelby’s Mother, Victoria shared the impact the Chive Charities Grants had made for her family & Shelby: 

“Our beautiful van has just been awesome to us! It has made life so much easier, we can drive our van into the garage and not have to take trips to our home like we used to. We have gone on so many adventures these last couple years, including Knott’s Berry Farm, Los Angeles, the beach, the Zoo and countless doctor’s appointments. We also visited Universal Studios, were Shelby was excited met some of her favorite characters! Shelby has been loving her bike and iPad too. Shelby is always laughing when she is on the iPad"