Rylan S.

Rylan’s amazing willpower

January 9, 2017

Last time we heard from Rylan, she was just starting kindergarten.  According to her mom, Rylan is still loving school and is doing absolutely great!  This shows the willpower that Rylan has to not let her diagnosis of Rett Syndrome get in her way!  

Due to a significant change in her walk, Rylan needs to undergo surgery on her right foot this June.  Rylan’s mom explained, “the surgery is called bilateral heel cord release. They will go in and stretch her tendons.”  Rylan will be in a cast and brace for several weeks following the surgery, in addition to requiring extensive therapy. There is the possibility that Rylan will not walk again after the surgery, a possibility that keeps her parents up at night. However, we’re certain Rylan will show the same determination and willpower she has shown in the face of every obstacle life has thrown her way!  Chive Nation is sending you positive vibes and thoughts, Rylan!  KCCO!