Rylan S.

Catching Up with Rylan

August 26, 2019

It’s been a while so we thought we would check in with Rylan!

Over the last couple of years Rylan had to undergo several procedures. In June of  2017, she had heel cord release surgery to help improve her balance and ability to walk. Her recovery went pretty well, although she did have an allergic reaction to the cast material, she to be in a cast for 3 weeks and then in a boot for 6 weeks. She also underwent 6 weeks of physical therapy to learn to walk again with her new AFO's.  Then in December of 2017 after Rylan struggled to gain weight she had to undergo g-tube surgery. She was in the hospital for 4 days. She is now fed through her g-tube 3 times a day for supplemental purposes but she can still eat her main meals by mouth. Rylan gained 10 pounds within the first 6 months of this procedure. 

Early last year, in January of  2018 Rylan had an EEG because we thought she was having seizures again. Her medical team upped her dosage and they seems to have managed her seizures so far. Recently, Rylan was fitted for her own wheelchair. She can still walk with her AFO's but not for long distances. She uses her wheelchair at school and if we are out and are going to be walking long distances. 


Rylan also have had many celebrations over the last couple of years, including a combined birthday for Rylan and her siblings  with a blow up water slide, visits from Santa, starting 2nd grade and moving into her new house with her very own room!  Bleu Roux Smith, Rylan’s goldendoodle puppy also joins the family this year! Bleu will be Rylan’s emotional support animal/therapy dog and will start his training soon.