Reid U.

New treatments might be a game-changer for Reid

April 3, 2017

Reid will turn three in May and he may celebrate with some great medical progress!

His dad shared with us that he has been going to Minneapolis every 6 weeks since last December to participate in a new research trial and it seems to be going well. Doctors take tiny skin cells from his sister Avery, apply them to a bandage, and place them on Reid's chronic wound areas. The grafts are taking well and it has very little impact on Avery.

Reid's dad also said they're very excited about new research Reid's doctor has recently published. "Dr Jakub Tolar and his team have been able to edit the gene which causes Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). They have done this in the lab on skin biopsies taken from each of the kids that have been through the bone marrow transplant. The article, while very complex, proves that this editing of the gene works and is a major breakthrough. Although the research has been on EB, this can be used for any genetic disease. The gene editing is done on your own cells, so no need for chemo/radiation, rejection, etc.  Here is a link to the article and I have attached a simplified version that we had asked for as the publication is very hard to understand. The only thing in the way of this treatment being reality is money (labs, equipment and FDA). Dr. Tolar wants to be very transparent that he nor his team will receive any of the money needed and it is all to get the trial running.

We want to say thank you again as everything that Chive Charities provided for Reid has been life changing. It is an incredible thing that Chive Charities and all of the supporters are doing."

Awww, thanks Underwood Family!