PACT continues to impact lives of children

May 29, 2015

PACT continues to impact lives of medically fragile children in a meaningful way thanks to donations like the one given by Chive Nation through the Chive Charities Chive Fund.  Recently they shared with us the story of Matthew Lochtes. The first daycare center his family took him to ended up turning him away because they were shocked by his appearance and medical needs, and they didn’t feel comfortable giving Matthew the extra attention and care that he needed.

The Lochtes were devastated – until they discovered PACT’s World of Care, our child-care program for children with complex medical needs. As soon as they arrived, the Lochtes felt relief knowing we would provide the care Matthew needed and deserved. Matthew has made incredible progress both medically as well as with his development since first attending PACT.

“We’re incredibly lucky that we found PACT and that they accepted us. I’m in awe of what they do there. They care for Matthew and all the children as if they are their own. They saved our family.”

-Matthew’s dad, Hunter Lochte