Natalie J.

Natalie is fighting hard

February 28, 2018

Natalie's mom checked in recently and told us it's been a rough few months for her sweet girl. She's been hospitalized five times at UCSF since December and will soon have surgery to place a feeding tube. It will mean a big adjustment for the family, and Natalie's mom admits it'll be a few steps back, too. 

"Before this craziness, she had gotten so much use from the stroller and stander! She was eating in her chair and hanging out in her stander for a couple hours at a time! Her head control has improved and the smiles she gives while in her stander are priceless! It's as if she knows she’s standing like us and she just loves it – it really makes my heart melt. My family is very blessed to be a part of the Chive Charities family."

Sending our love and well-wishes to Natalie as she fights for her mobility and independence - you can do it, sweet girl!