Melanie J.

Melanie has graduated and LOVES her new kitchen!

July 31, 2020

Melanie’s fairy tale has continued since she got her new kitchen. Here is an update on what the last year has had in store for her.

Melanie and the family are all good. Just been a little scary so we are keeping Melanie safe at home. We have been really enjoying the kitchen! Melanie LOVES it. She really enjoys participating and mixing the food for family meals. She finished her last year of school this year. She was able to go into the age of 21 but with this virus we decided to let her finish. She graduated last year and even has her diploma now! She still is such a happy young lady, enjoying her time with the family. We are so grateful to Chive Charities for making our dream come true and making our home safe so we can continue to take care of Melanie.

Thank You,
Ms. Asche Smith Jones