Makayla U.

Makayla’s off to College!

August 28, 2019

Things are going incredibly well for Makayla! She graduated high school back in May (an entire year early) and just started classes at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton!

Bailey, Makayla's service dog, retired this year and is living the good life learning to be the family pet and do normal dog things- use a dog door, sleep all day, do what she wants....when she wants. Her transition into retirement hasn't been easy for her. But like with any mother, no matter how much your kids don't need you anymore, you will never stop trying to take care of them. 

Makayla’s Mom shared that when they were out taking Makayla's Senior pictures, they happened to stumble upon a parking garage. "In it, with sun rays shining brightly, was the number 33 painted largely on a pillar. That happens to be the number of brain surgeries Makayla had to have before we found one that finally worked. It's so unreal! 8 years ago we weren't even sure that she'd make it another year, much less reach all the milestones a normal teenager should get to have- getting a drivers license, graduating high school, going to college.  And here she is, proving once again that "impossible" is nothing more than a word."