Lunden J.

Lunden’s family searches for answer to seizures

September 12, 2016

Lunden’s has had a scary year health-wise.  Lunden’s mother, Erin, filled us in on the scares they have had recently.

"Truthfully, this has been the first year that we've had the sinking feeling she won't make it to next year," Erin explained. "Several surgeries and extended hospital stays, with the biggest of all (hips) next month."

"Lunden's seizures landed her in a coma in March.  She was "resting" (in a coma) for 8 days and we able to come home on day 12. Lunden had a VNS device originally placed in October 2015 to help with her seizure management.  The last time (July 2016) the data was pulled on the device it showed that the batter was already low and it had fired on more than 5,000 seizures in 29 days.  That's 167 seizures a day.  Lunden began a ketogenic diet in August 2016 as a last ditch effort to get her seizures under control.  It seems to be working already, but Lunden's body is having a hard time managing how to digest the diet effectively."

"Despite it all, Lunden is happy.  She's the light of our lives and our greatest joy!  Lunden continues brings a smile to everyone's faces with her silliness and giggles.  She's truly a happy soul!  Chive did an amazing thing for Lunden 2 years ago by purchasing her a van and some medical equipment that insurance didn't provide coverage for.  That van has been something we are thankful for everyday!!!  Lunden has 3-5 appointments a week and "Pearl" is a workhorse that takes Lunden everywhere she needs to go in style! As for the medical equipment Lunden uses her stander daily and her activity chair to help me bake and cook!"

SIDE NOTE: Lunden LOVES mail. She FLIPS out over her "mail bag" and cherrishes opening it to any mail that comes in! If you would like to send Lunden a sweet card or postcard to show support during this tough time, you can send it to:

Lunden Jensen

PO BOX 182

Olathe, KS 66051