Lunden J.

It’s Lunden’s 1st Van-iversary!

September 7, 2015

Dear Chive Charities,

It’s me Lunden!!!

One year ago today you helped change my world! The time has flown by! The van you purchased has allowed me to ride in my wheelchair all over town in reliable comfort and style! I’ve been able to increase my therapies and start having play dates with my friends again because Mommy doesn’t have to have someone else help her take my wheelchair in and out anymore.

Thank you for choosing me! My parents work hard to provide everything I need to succeed. This van was something they couldn’t have done without you! Every penny of the money that our dear friends and family raised before you generously stepped in Mommy and Daddy have saved for me.

Daddy is a Chive fan through and through. He said you claim to make the world 10% happier. I think that number is a little low though because you’ve made my world 100% happier! <3

Thank you again from the bottom of my little heart!


Lunden Jensen

P.S. I told my Mommy to attach some pictures for you to see how much I’ve grown!  I’m standing now and using all my might to walk and two weeks ago I started kindergarten!