Luke P.

Luke is living his best life!

October 30, 2018

Luke officially graduated from High School in May and turned 21 in August! He’s been staying pretty healthy this year and he’s looking more like a young man every day!

Luke’s family made a big move in June from Texas to their home state of Pennsylvania to have access to better services and supports for Luke and his brother Adam, and to be closer to family. Since the move, Luke and his family enjoyed a boat ride with his Grandparents, had a long weekend at the beach, and Luke and Adam each got a kitty! 

Luke has been enjoying not having to go to school every day and has been staying home with his mom and is looking forward to doing some volunteering in the community.  Luke and his family are hoping to find some bikes so they can take family bike rides when it warms up again. They are also hopeful that it  will snow again, but for now, they are enjoying the changing colors of the leaves.  

Luke’s Mother, Anita shared that "Luke is excited to fill his time with new activities to do in our area. Thanks to Chive for providing our van, we can easily do this kind of thing."