Lizzy & Mason C.

Mason’s Lung Complications

August 7, 2019

We recently learned that Mason needs our thoughts and prayers!

This week Mason’s family and his medical team decided that it is time to do more for Mason’s lungs. Mason has Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis, which means his lungs are overproducing a surfactant because his immune cells can’t recycle it properly. So, the invasive way of treating this is to “wash his lungs”. Mason’s pulmonologist will put in massive amount of saline into Mason’s lungs and suck out that saline plus all the extra surfactant. This will take many hours in the OR. They will only do this in 3 hour increments to keep him safe from anesthesia. This will be repeated until all the lobes of Mason’s lungs are finished. This will take 4 or more trips to the OR. Mason will go to the OR once a week for this. So, that puts us in Cincinnati for over a month. To keep up with Mason’s progress, visit his Facebook page:


Hang in there Mason! Your Chive Charities community is thinking of you!